All hammock production is halted

during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States--we have decided to pour all of our labor and resources into the fabrication of non-surgical face masks in order to donate them to local hospitals, homeless shelters, and wherever else they might be needed.

HOWEVER, there is currently a major shortage, online and in stores, in the elastic band we need for the straps on the face masks, so we are asking our followers to donate their old (but clean) fitted bed sheets; we have found the exact elastic bands we need sewn into the base of old fitted bed sheets, and is currently the quickest--and possibly only--way to obtain enough of the necessary materials.

We have been getting a lot of requests for where to send our 'homemade' masks and where to send donations, so we have changed the "shop" button on this page to redirect anyone that is interested in helping us out to the contact page where you can connect with us.

FINALLY, for all of the seamstresses and seamsters out there who would like to pitch in their own time and effort and make their own masks to donate, we would love to be your 'middleman'--send us your homemade masks and we will take care of the distribution process!

Happy sewing,

The Troika Team

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