Our story begins in the great outdoors where simplicity and complexity collide into the beautiful scenery before us. We strive for innovation and want to share our ideas with the world. We are engineers. We are avid outdoorsmen. We work for you.

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Meet the Owners

Justin and Lexi founded Troika Outdoors, LLC in 2017 when they decided to combine their unique skill sets to create an outdoor company for explorers like them. They met in college while Lexi was studying business and Justin was studying engineering. They would often spend time studying in hammocks and soon decided they wanted to create a hammock of their own - something comfortable, open (non-claustrophobic), easy to pack, lightweight, and colorful. At first they designed a hammock for just the two of them, but it wasn't long until their friends all wanted a hammock too. Once they realized other people enjoyed their hammock as much as they did, they knew they had to share them with the world. Troika Outdoors, LLC now ships all over the globe.

Interested in knowing more? Send them an email at explore@troikaoutdoors.com

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