• Lightweight, weighing 0.94 pounds or a total of 4 pounds with provided ratchet straps and Troika Outdoors Mesh Travel Pack

  • Thirteen colors to choose from

  • Extra hammocks double as a sunshade

  • Mounts to durable three fixed objects within a 30 foot distance from one another

  • Gear attaches to support rings when using a clip/carabiner

  • Machine washable

  • Compact storage

  • High tension platform with a maximum safe work load of 500 pounds

  • No sag/slack, so you are up and out in the open air. However, if you prefer sag/slack you may adjust your hammock to the slack of your preference

  • Plants a tree for every hammock sold, which is made possible by onetreeplanted.org

  • Your Troika Hammocks stack on top of each other using the same support straps, allowing the upper hammock to double as sunshade. This simple and unique feature creates a 'roof' for protection of the sun, while still avoiding the claustrophobic feel.

  • The three rings on each corner of your Troika Hammock provide an incredibly easy way to support your hiking gear. Instead of placing your gear on the ground, you can conveniently hang it on the hammock using a clip, ring, or carabiner. This allows you to keep your items off the ground, away from the elements, and by your side.

  • With your Troika Hammock, no branches are needed for the setup. The high tension allows you to use even the slipperiest fixed objects, such as a smooth street lamp or an indoor support beam, to support the hammock without the worry of slipping and losing ground clearance. We often like to use our Jeep Wrangler for our setup.

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